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See the Devastation of Washington State’s Wildfire From Above

I feel your pain as I lived to Scripps Ranch and the Cedar fires in Southern California although I was almost evacuated I seriously couldn’t imagine the devastation the families feel now that their whole life’s are simply burnt away…

This is one reason when the fires hit near us and the hill next to our house had the fire at the top with burning trees falling down almost near our home we started to quickly pack all our pictures and everything that isn’t able to be replaced with money and then the stuff we wanted and as we where about to leave the firefighters had got it put out although I first hand drove through ranches and neighborhoods that where near Scripps Ranch and it was just like what you see in this photo of what happened to Washington..

All I can for sure say is hopefully the fires currently in California, Washington and even our friends up north in Canada going through some pretty big fires right now. We here at TechNSEO have nothing but the most appreciation for the hard working men and women who are out in the heat right now in dangeroyus conditions fighting these fires and all we can hope for is some much needed rain in these areas of fire devastation! Stay strong and remember to make sure you always keep track of where the fires are at the direction they are headed in and remember how fast a fire especially a wild fire in these really hot west coast conditions and pretty much around the nation right now we have first hand seen how fast a wildfire in these conditions can spread and move and even jump emberes across highways or down on your roof and if your roof is wood you should be watering it down unless they have tried to already evacuate you then you must PLEASE LISTEN ASAP DO NOT WAIT FOR THE SIRENS AND THE WARNINGS TO START PACKING BECAUSE ITS THEN TO LATE YOU MUST PACK ALL NEEDED STUFF NOW IF YOU LIVE REALITIVELY CLOSE EVEN! That way if the fire for any reason gets close and they do want you to evacuate your not stuck trying to figure what you want to bring with and what oyu can and what you need and where family photos and animals are and all that so please be careful and we hope these fires are put out as soon as possible! Remember to support your local fire department as they are working very hard right now to protect many people who are facing a battle with these fires!

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Top Best Short URL Services!

Top Best Short URL Services!


So short url services are used for many different reasons but one good use for them is Twitter sense you are limited on your use of how many characters you can write with and normally I find they allow only “120” characters when trying to create or compose a tweet with Twitter. One thing that makes a short url service handy is that the url you might be wanting to share or tweet is simply to long and it could be a SUPER LONG! Url. Or a decent size to short url but in general these services no matter how short likely will be able to make that url easier to remember or use and find. This will be great to use with any type of SEO or in order to gain more views via people able to remember the link better then a super long one.

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Create Your Online Web Presence & Create A Strong One!

To create your online presence and start off with a strong one it really needs to come down to you just doing it and not reading many tutorials like these in order to find out the same information. The same thing cant be said more then one time before you should understand that reading it 54 other times doesn’t help you gain any more knowledge on the subject then you already know. This is the first and best tip but for number two…

Start Making Online Profiles To Social Media Websites!

You should just start creating website profiles on some of the top social media websites. Creating these profiles and on all of them and then optimizing them with images and logo’s and custom ones that are professional looking will definitely make you start a strong online web presence. The idea is make the profiles and update and maintain them as you should and as others do. For instance I update this blog daily so I am going to keep on daily updating you must because it allows visitors to know when to expect that content. The best time to post new content is up to you to figure out and that is normally based upon the viewers times. So figure out using online resources like Google Webmaster Tools to find out what time people connect to your website or blog or profiles etc… Then figure that out and post during the highest time where people are visiting your website or blog or profiles etc…

(Optimize Post Or Article Titles! Optimizing For People To Skim Content Makes Users Like Your Articles Much More!)

Add Media To Your Posts & Articles!

Another tip would be to not overdue the content but also optimize the titles and make it reveal your idea or answer to the question but also let people know what that answer is of so essentially if its a question and answer post maybe post the question then add the answer next to it in the title? It is generally also a good idea to optimize enough meaning not to many but not to little of relevant clip art of stock images and or images in general and if you can videos and .gif files so basically implement a good amount without over or under doing it of media content. Pics, vids, etc…

NEW ‘PITA’ Device Able To Steal PC Encryption Keys! $300.00 Price Tag!

NEW ‘PITA’ Device Able To Steal PC Encryption Keys! $300.00 Price Tag!

This device is created by the “Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Technion Research Institute” have developed a device known as the PITA. This device can in fact steal a PC’s encryption keys from about 19 inches away!

The Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition (PITA). This device is built for less then around $300.00 USD and can measure the electromagnetic emissions from a average or everyday PC.

An attack can be carried out using various setups. The hacker or attacker could connect via Wi-Fi for real-time streaming of the digitized signal. Or record signals onto an internal microSD card. In both cases the signal analysis is done offline via a workstation. Obviously this device can be used for many things and we are completely unsure what it will be mainly used for but we can assume many different things.

What do you guys think about this device? Let us know! Comment below!

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The Best Tutorial To SEO & Google Webmaster Tools For Getting Started With SEO Or Search Engine Optimization On Your Website Or Blog!

The Best Tutorial To SEO & Google Webmaster Tools For Getting Started With SEO Or Search Engine Optimization On Your Website Or Blog!

Google’s Hidden Tutorial On Search Engine Optimization OR SEO!

Okay so here is the first thing that is first in my opinion when doing and learning Search Engine Optimization or SEO you must read the tutorial that Google wrote in PDF format here at the following link just click here!

Click here to get the direct link to Google’s Webmaster Tools – Search Engine Optimization Guide! This document is in PDF format!

So this will essentially start as your guide and toolbox of resources to getting started on the best implemented tools and resources as well as tips etc… For starting your journey into Search Engine Optimization or SEO!

What is Google’s Webmaster Tools?

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Increase You Online Web Presence & Blog SEO! Search Engine Optimization!

Increase You Online Web Presence & Blog SEO! Search Engine Optimization!

Always Try To Increase Your Online Web Presence!

This means signing up for social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Tumblr, MySpace, Etc… Also make sure to actively follow, like, post, & maintain your social media accounts also! This makes sure people will follow them and hit the like button and keep talking about your content! Also use proper #HashTags and always try to use them but without over flooding the post or using only just #HashTags as no type of spam or over posting is going to gain you anything at all but a decrease in views and followers!


Try not to like your own content as this makes people stray away from it!

Quick Tips For Website/WordPress/Blog SEO & Views/Follows/Likes… Increase!

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